Creamy Studios is my current "side-hustle" which I run and own with my brother.  The brand first started as a creative outlet; I painted on Goodwill tees to fund an Outward Bound Leadership Course back in 2018. Today, I hope to continue to keep Creamy as a creative outlet, while also grow it into a leading voice for conscious consumption in the streetwear industry. 
Creamy Studios Mission Statement:
As a company, Creamy Studios focuses on being an environmental advocate in the streetwear community. Creamy was founded with the intent of combating the immense amount of waste the fashion industry produces. We’re accomplishing this mission by supporting the concept of circular fashion: upcycling, recycling and buying second hand. At Creamy, we take second-hand clothing and (re)design it into apparel that is desirable again. We seek to inspire and collaborate with other brands and help them reuse and redesign old apparel. Together, we can all reduce our waste by thinking creatively.
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